Hurricane Sandy Virtual Food Drive
          Hurricane Sandy Virtual Food Drive

You can help your neighbors who are feeling the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Connecticut Food Bank has launched a virtual food drive to help respond to the rapidly growing need for food assistance.

With so many families with limited or no resources to put food on the table, we need your help now more than ever. For these families, it is not as simple as restocking when the power comes back on. They can't always afford food under normal circumstances. And low-wage workers may not be getting paid for those hours that their employers are closed due to power outages.

The storm has forced many communities to close schools, blocking access to school meals for children.

Why use the virtual food drive? The answer is simple. We can get more goods to those in need than through traditional food drives. Through this internet-based solution, we can procure the most needed items so we can help those that need it most.

For more information, call Connecticut Food Bank at 203-469-5000.
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Macaroni & Cheese QTY.

$10 bag QTY.

Fruit Cocktail QTY.

$25 bag QTY.

Tuna QTY.

$50 bag QTY.

Peanut Butter QTY.

$75 bag QTY.

Beef Stew QTY.

$100 bag QTY.

Description Retail Value Price UOM
Macaroni & Cheese $12.00 $6.25 24/7.25 oz.
Fruit Cocktail $19.08 $9.29 12/15 oz.
Tuna $42.72 $22.50 48/6 oz.
Peanut Butter $29.88 $14.25 12/18 oz.
Beef Stew $21.48 $13.04 24/15 oz.
$10 bag $10.00 $10.00 1
$25 bag $25.00 $25.00 1
$50 bag $50.00 $50.00 1
$75 bag $75.00 $75.00 1
$100 bag $100.00 $100.00 1
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* Monies received by Connecticut Food Bank will be used to secure and distribute donated food. The retail values you see here reflect WHOLESALE values as defined by Feeding America.