Japan Earthquake 2011 / Tsunami
          Japan Earthquake 2011 / Tsunami

An 8.9-magnitude Earthquake struck on the morning of March 11, 80 miles off the coast of Northeast Japan, causing of Tsunami to send 30-foot waves to the shore. Hundreds are believed to be dead. Charities from around the world have been quick to send supplies and emergency response teams.

Please help our partners in their relief efforts by donating as they conduct disaster response and recovery efforts.

-Global Giving

-International Health Partners

-International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

-Mercy Corps

-Save The Children

-Second Harvest Japan

-Aidmatrix Disaster Relief

When donating, you will be able to see a SAMPLE LIST of items and prices benchmarked from some of the world's leading humanitarian aid organizations, from their varied relief operations. The actual items/services provided and their actual costs will vary from this list, as actual needs are still being assessed. This list will evolve over time, to reflect the changing needs of the relief effort.

Thank you for your generous contributions in this time of need for disaster victims. By donating through our Virtual Aid Drive, you will be able to make monetary donations to the relief agency you select upon checkout so that they can mobilize the exact items they need in this disaster.

Why use the Virtual Aid Drive? The answer is simple - to get more goods to those in need than through traditional food, clothing and other collection drives. Plus, the Virtual Aid Drive gives you the visibility into what charities really need at that time. You will know that your donation goes towards provisioning of items that are really needed - and will not end up collecting dust on a shelf.

It's fast and it is easy and it helps more people in need . . . so choose from the items on this page and start donating!
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Food Bag QTY.

Recovery Counseling/Planning QTY.

Relief Kitchen Equipment QTY.

Medical Supplies QTY.

Diapers/Toiletries QTY.

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Cleaning Supplies QTY.

$50 Donation QTY.

Building Materials QTY.

$100 Donation QTY.

Description Price UOM
Food Bag $34.00 100 meals
Relief Kitchen Equipment $25.00 1 stove, etc.
Diapers/Toiletries $12.50 12 cases
Cleaning Supplies $25.00 5 cases
Building Materials $30.00 Miscellaneous
Recovery Counseling/Planning $40.00 5 sessions
Medical Supplies $40.00 Aid Package
$20 Donation $20.00 mix of services
$50 Donation $50.00 mix of services
$100 Donation $100.00 mix of services
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* Monies received by the charities you select will be used for responding to this disaster, until all needs are met, then will be used for other disaster services. Actual product mix may vary.