Fill a Backpack with Food4Kids
          Fill a Backpack with Food4Kids

Won't you fill a backpack with Food 4 Kids? To use our Virtual Food Drive, simply drag and drop grocery items into the backpack, then checkout.

The Food 4 Kids program provides 5,000 of the states's hungriest children with packs of food to get them through the weekend. Children served by the program are those identified by their schools as showing signs of not getting enough to eat during weekends when they are away from school meal programs.

Your donation here will help us send these kids home on Fridays with enough food in their school backpacks to get them through until Monday.

And by using this Virtual Food Drive, your dollars buy much more than when you donate food purchased at retail prices --- sometimes 3 or 4 times as much!

The Virtual Food Drive also saves you the time and effort of a traditional food drive. No need to worry about coordinating the collection and transportation of hundreds of pounds of canned items.

It's fast, it's easy, it's fun! To make a donation, just click on your choice of items and drag and drop them into the backpack. And after you check out, see how many children's backpacks you filled with food today.
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Peanut Butter QTY.

Milk QTY.

Saltines QTY.

Cereal Bar QTY.

Apple Sauce QTY.

100 % Juice Boxes QTY.

Pretzels QTY.

$5.00 QTY.

Chili and Beans QTY.

$20.00 QTY.

Description Retail Value Price UOM
Peanut Butter $34.20 $9.95 12/12 oz.
Saltines $30.72 $19.20 96/4 oz.
Apple Sauce $13.50 $8.40 48/4.5 oz.
Pretzels $37.00 $13.00 100/0.75 oz.
Chili and Beans $26.46 $11.50 24/7.5 oz.
Milk $35.91 $9.25 27/8 oz.
Cereal Bar $61.20 $19.80 90/1.3 oz.
100 % Juice Boxes $11.80 $10.00 40/6.75 oz.
$5.00 $5.00 $5.00 1
$20.00 $20.00 $20.00 1
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* Monies received by the Kansas Food Bank will be used to purchase food for the Food 4 Kids program. Actual product mix and quantities purchased may vary, though products shown are typical of the contents in the backpack program.