Help Feed the Hungry!
          Help Feed the Hungry!

How to "shop" the Virtual Food Drive

First: Click and hold the food icon for the item you would like to donate; the item will be highlighted on the shopping list. Drag the icon to the shopping cart; your donation will be indicated on the shopping list.


In the quantity column of the shopping list, use the plus (+) sign for each item to enter the quantity you would like to donate.

Second: When you have completed your shopping, click on the word "Checkout". This will take you to the secure transaction page, which allows you to "pay" for your donation by credit card.

Thank you Kaiser!
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Macaroni & Cheese QTY.

Peanut Butter QTY.

Peaches, sliced QTY.

Cereal, dry QTY.

Tomato Sauce, canned QTY.

Canned Chili QTY.

Beef Stew, canned QTY.

$20.00- Cash Donation QTY.

Tuna Fish, CL, water QTY.

$50.00- Cash Donation QTY.

Description Retail Value Price UOM
Macaroni & Cheese $11.52 $5.52 24/7.25 oz. box
Peaches, sliced $37.92 $27.60 24/15.25oz can
Tomato Sauce, canned $9.60 $6.24 24/15oz can
Beef Stew, canned $15.48 $9.75 12/24oz can
Tuna Fish, CL, water $60.00 $22.50 48/6oz can
Peanut Butter $21.36 $12.00 24/7.25 oz.
Cereal, dry $47.76 $21.60 12/12oz box
Canned Chili $22.56 $15.00 12/15oz can
$20.00- Cash Donation $20.00 $20.00 1
$50.00- Cash Donation $50.00 $50.00 1
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* Monies received by the Charity will be used for the purchase of items to be given to those in need. Actual product mix and quantities purchased may vary.